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Hamas manipuleert Britse wet om Israelische leiders te vervolgen voor oorlogsmisdaden
Publicatiedatum: vrijdag 25 december 2009 Auteur: RP | 1.228 keer gelezen
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Hamas misbruikt de Britse wet in een juridische oorlog tegen Israel. Maar over deze sluwe en sinistere propaganda zal je waarschijnlijk niks lezen in onze kranten. Alleen de notoire Israellobby bedient zich volgens hen van dergelijke technieken en trekt achter de schermen aan de touwtjes. Het is een theorie die velen te aantrekkelijk vinden om op te geven, ondanks het feit dat alle tekenen een andere kant op wijzen.  

The campaign by Hamas takes advantage of an aspect of law in England and Wales that allows anyone to apply for an arrest warrant for alleged war crimes without the need for a prosecuting lawyer. The identity of the person or organisation that applied for Ms Livni's warrant has not been made public, but Hamas says that it initiated the move. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said yesterday that the Government was "looking urgently at ways in which the UK system might be changed in order to avoid this sort of situation arising again".

Diya al-Din Madhoun, who heads the Hamas committee set up to coordinate the campaign, said that it had "all the political and military leaders of the occupation in our sights", although he did not specify its future targets. He told The Times: "This has absolutely become our policy."  The committee of legal specialists was established after the Gaza offensive to investigate allegations of war crimes carried out by Israeli forces. It compiled 1,500 cases over several months and started to encourage alleged victims to file charges against Israeli leaders in countries such as Britain, Spain, Belgium and Norway, according to Mr Madhoun. The committee intended to put the victims of alleged crimes in touch with lawyers and legal institutions in Europe, he said. "We do this as a government trying to protect our people and prevent these massacres from recurring."

Hamas had not been involved directly in filing legal cases or contracting lawyers, he said, but its governing administration had acted as a facilitator. "We have provided a group of independent lawyers in Britain with documents, information and evidence concerning war crimes committed by Israeli political and military leaders, including Ms Livni."  

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